Fonda Frontera
  • Like the fondas in Mexico City — those homey places serving classic, local food — ours is warm and comfortable, and embodies the essence of Frontera: Mexican spirit, local heart. Our goal is to make Fonda Frontera the best neighborhood Mexican restaurant in Chicago.fondafrontera_logo_rgb Fonda retains the robust local craft beer lineup of its predecessor, Xoco Bistro, but our bartenders will be mixing up some pretty delicious new cocktails — craft cocktails, mug cocktails and carafe cocktails, all featuring a wide array of mezcals, tequilas and local spirits. Great wine, too. Chef John Sullivan has introduced a raw seafood bar, rich with ceviche, cocteles and oysters, and added more soul-satisfying entrees from our wood-burning grill and oven — some modern, some classic. All very Mexico City. Our pastry kitchen is kicking out vibrant, Mexican-inspired desserts. (Yes, the golden delicious churros are staying on the menu. We’re not crazy.) Bring your friends. Bring your familia. Fonda Frontera is ready to serve you.