Flower Show Productions, Inc.
  • Every great event starts as an idea, a flicker of inspiration for a perfect experience. To bring that idea to life you need a seasoned and energized team dedicated to bridging the gap between your dream and reality. Flower Show Productions is that team. Flower Show Productions plans, organizes and produces special events in the Chicago area. We focus on events that are stimulating, inspiring and provide a public benefit, allowing people to come together and have fun on a grand scale. FSP INC offers a complete range of event planning services, allowing us to create lasting memories for our guests and meaningful opportunities for our sponsors and partners. Our services include consulting, event strategy and logistics, financial planning, sponsorship sales and management, exhibitor/sponsor relations, public relations and marketing and on-site logistics. Our flagship event is the annual Chicago Flower & Garden Show, which marks the change from winter to spring and creates an unforgettable experience for attendees by presenting beautiful and practical DIY green projects designed to inspire, educate and motivate the next generation of gardener. It is where both consumers and gardeners come to see the latest that the industry has to offer.