Ephiphany Center for the Arts
  • Epiphany Center for the Arts This extraordinary single-destination venue, located on the artsy edge of Chicago’s vibrant West Loop, has come alive with the “ringing of the bells”! The former 19th century church, with its romantic architecture, is complemented by a stylishly designed modern annex, combined, provides a unique destination for unforgettable indoor and outdoor events. VENUES: Our diverse collection of venues includes Epiphany Hall, Chase House and The Sanctuary. Each can be reserved individually or for a larger more progressive affair, paired with Epiphany’s exquisite amenities providing flexibility, scale and exclusive access to our highly sought after Courtyard or Café Bar with its exquisite terrace. INSPIRED PAIRINGS & OPTIONAL AMENITIES: To maximize your experience, we offer several pairings and optional amenities to enhance your event including: Inspired Pairings: · The Guild Room · The Niche Bar · The Lounge · Patio Venues Amenities: · VIP Suite · The Catacombs · Café Bar & Terrace · Courtyard · Tent Epiphany Center for the Arts represents the most extraordinary single-destination venue in Chicago. NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR FALL OF 2019 AND BEYOND!!!