Demand Generation Professionals
  • WHO WE ARE: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Demand Generation Professionals provides disruptive attendee generation programs for B2B companies that attend or exhibit at trade shows or events. Our Active Attendee Generation approach is the only attendee generation method guaranteed to result in a significant ROI for B2B companies from trade shows where they are an attendee or exhibitor. Demand Generation Professionals is a proud partner of the city of Chicago. Together, we are increasing the positive results that trade show organizers and their paid attendees realize from trade shows or events they host in the Chicago metropolitan area. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE CHALLENGE: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Attending or exhibiting at a trade show is a strategic investment for B2B companies. Many of your key target white space companies are all in the same place at the same time. That’s why, according to Gartner, before 2013, B2B companies were spending more money on trade show marketing than any other method. Unfortunately, rising costs and declining ROI led B2B companies to cut back on money spent attending or exhibiting at trade shows. The result is that now, trade show marketing has dropped to fifth regarding dollars spent on a marketing method. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE SOLUTION: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Demand Generation Professionals is a think tank of industry experts that have created the only true disruptive marketing and demand generation approaches since the advent of the internet. While marketing success is increasing leaning favorably toward those companies that are willing and able to spend heavily, Demand Gen Pros has created methods that level the playing field to allow the company with the best product or service to compete no matter the marketing budget. Improving trade show marketing results was an important project that Demand Gen Pros tackled. Months of research and trial & error resulted in Active Attendee Generation™. This disruptive marketing approach combined the power of Active Demand Generation™ with Active Onsite Program Administration™ create the perfect formula for trade show marketing success. Active Attendee Generation™ has an immediate positive ripple effect on revenue, profit, market penetration, brand recognition and every other positive metric you can imagine. We made AAG so affordable that many times companies spend less on AAG than they were spending previously on other attendee generation methods. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CALL TO ACTION: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are a B2B company that attends or exhibits at trade shows and you’re ready to dramatically improve your return on investment, contact us today. It’s never too late. The Demand Gen Pros team will collaborate with you to plan and execute an Active Attendee Generation program for your next trade show so you can experience the outstanding results that you expect from your trade show marketing investment. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________