Cite Chicago & Events
  • Cité’s vision is and always will be “The Ultimate Chicago Fine Dining Experience pouring Extravagance and Romance 70 floors up” according to Dr. Dame Evangeline Gouletas, Greek American Businesswoman, Chair and Managing Member of Cité. “Remarkably, after being in business for 50 years, we can say there is not a restaurant in Chicago quite like ours. Cité truly is the “Crown Jewel” of Lake Point Tower and is a Chicago Icon.” Extravagance is an Art Form and Cité was designed to impress. Cité Elegant is Chicago’s “go to” for Special Occasions and are known to “shock and awe” even the most discerning guests with it’s amazing views. Offering the best in American contemporary, gourmet cuisine with French & Mediterranean influences, Cité has thousands of 5-star reviews and offers the very best in elegant style, service, and cuisine. Cité glitters! Literally. The restaurant has the most stunning, golden Chicago skyline views that sparkle! Cité is known for its amazing 360-degree panoramic views overlooking the city of Chicago, Navy Pier and Lake Michigan with its view spanning 3 states. It was voted one of The World’s Best 17 Restaurants & Bars with Amazing Views by Delish Digital Magazine. The restaurant holds the most coveted view of Navy Pier’s Fireworks displays. Cité was also awarded by The Spectator as having one of the best selections of wine in Chicago. Additionally, the restaurant was voted one of Chicago’s 10 Best Romantic Places to dine by USA Today. Initially designed as an exclusive private club for the residents of Lake Point Tower, Cité was intended to support the intimate lounge trade; however, since that time in the early 70’s… Cité has evolved into a coveted “bucket list” restaurant destination in Chicago. The restaurant’s interior is timeless. World-class interior designer Norman De Hann, under the supervision of Dr. Gouletas, fashioned the restaurant using classic glamour interiors with high-end finishes of actual gold leaf throughout the restaurant, rare tiger wood at the bar and full slab marble in the foyer areas augmenting the rich, romantic ambiance and unmatched spectacular views. Lake Point Tower by itself is an architectural masterpiece and coupled with amazing 360-degree panoramic views… Every seat at Cité has a breathtaking view. This has been recognized by the media with a plethora of accolades on numerous occasions throughout the years. Although Cité’s ambiance and location are wonderful, their staff are their greatest treasure. Their longevity as a restaurant (50 years) and their staff’s loyalty is what speaks the most volume of their commitment to quality service and amazing cuisine. A commitment to always bring the “best of the best” to their honored guest is emphasized by Dr. Gouletas. Their fabulous World-Class French trained Executive Chef Oscar Ornelas has been with them over 40 years and has worked with some of the most prominent chefs in the world, to include Chef Claude Bernard of France. Their Sous Chef José is equally experienced and is affectionately known as “Picasso” because of his extremely artistic food presentation. Sous Chef José has been with Cité over 17 years. Amir, their charismatic Lead Captain and head of their wait staff, has been with Cité over 25 years. Their staff truly are their most valuable treasures as they are the ones who make the restaurant successful. Elegant Private Dining with Stunning Views If you are seeking “the WOW factor” for your Private Dining Event? Cité brings the sizzle! Offering elegant private event dining in private rooms with stunning views and custom-tailored menus to suit your needs. The restaurant is also available for a full buy-out if so desired. Whether you’re seeking the perfect venue for… • Corporate team building or presentations • Cocktail receptions or Corporate Parties • Mitzvahs • Birthday Parties • Wedding Rehearsal Dinners • Weddings • Wedding Receptions • Private Brunches or Lunches Whatever the private dining need? Cité will make it an extravagant affair! Extravagance is an Art Form, of which, the Cité team are seasoned artists of. Book now.