Chicago Under The Radar Food Tours
  • Chicago Under The Radar Food Tours is the first citywide tour operator in Chicago, taking visitors and locals beyond the touristy areas to experience the local vibe throughout the city. Since all of our tours are private, you don't have to share your experience with anyone you don't want to! And, your group will have your guide's undivided attention. During your stroll, your local tour guide will lead you to multiple carefully curated establishments representing the best locally owned restaurants that tend to fly under the radar unless you’re truly in-the-know. You’ll get to partake in 7-9 food and beverage tastings, all adding up to one satisfying meal. Between bites, your guide will share lesser-known facts about the neighborhood’s cultural and historical significance. Whether you are visiting Chicago and want to eat and experience the city like a local, or you live in Chicago and need an excuse to visit a new neighborhood and sample a variety of great food, we welcome you to experience Chicago's local culinary scene with us.