Catalyst Ranch
  • Catalyst Ranch is Chicago’s most imaginative meeting & event space. The antidote to generic and empty loft space or hotel meeting rooms, the colorful and eclectic environment provides absolute inspiration for any off-site meeting or event. Catalyst Ranch was the first venue in Chicago to realize that the results of any offsite meeting can be enhanced if attendees are place in the right environment. By stimulating all the senses, Catalyst Ranch helps break down barriers and create positive disruption of thought and new ideas. A one-stop-shop for all things meeting-related, Catalyst Ranch offers all-inclusive rates, mouth-watering catering, group energizers & icebreakers, facilitator recommendations and a focus on delivering incomparable customer service. We’ve proven that ideas, learning and breakthrough thought thrive when people are placed in a stimulating and invigorating environment! YOUR MEETING, OUR SPACE. SHAZAM!