• provides pre-filled, Chicago-themed Welcome Bags, filled with pre-packaged snack products from Chicago-based snack companies! The bags are fully assembled by our internal team & shipped directly to the hotel where your event attendees are staying. The hotel liaison will hand out the welcome bags to each event attendee as they check in, creating an extraordinary first impression. Personalize your label, which we will affix to the front of each welcome bag. Email us a custom welcome letter, and we will print, trifold, and insert inside each bag. Bowtiebags is the perfect sponsorship opportunity for your corporate partners! Each Chicago-inspired Bowtiebag includes: (1) G.H. Cretor’s The Mix popcorn bag (1) Fannie May Mini Pixies box (1) Beer Nuts Peanuts bag (1) Jelly Belly pack (1) Wrigley’s Doublemint gum pack (1) Advil travel packet (1) Personalized label (1) Document upload