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Welcome to Berrista, the world’s first coffee shop experience where we encourage you to enjoy your vices. 8 years ago chef Homaro Cantu discovered that a jelly bean shaped berry called the Miracle Berry had the ability to make sour foods taste sweet. As a globally renowned chef and inventor, he decided to write a cookbook that eliminated the harmful chemicals associated with sugar substitutes. Creating sugar free recipes that have the depth and quality of classic preparations had never been done before but it was a challenge this chef was ready to endure. He continued writing new recipes that could be adapted to the commercial kitchen and thus, Berrista was born. All of the pastries are totally void of refined sugar and use all natural fruit juices. What makes Berrista special in addition to all of the sugar free offerings are the savory menu selections. With weekly changing flatbreads and sandwich specials, Berrista is so much more than just a coffee shop. It is quickly becoming a new food revolution and one of the few alternatives for eating delicious food free from sugar and chemicals. Berrista is one of the first coffee houses to offer a complete menu of different coffees that can be made to order. This is made possible with the Steam Punk Coffee Press, an android tablet powered French press that makes digitally precise French pressed coffee.

Cloudgate (The Bean) at night

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