Audrey Gordon Parties Ltd.
  • Audrey Gordon Parties Ltd. takes great pride in fulfilling your event planning needs. As your planner/event partner, we work with top event industry professionals from pre- to post- production ensuring a successful meeting and event every time. Our mantra is that you will feel like a guest at your own event, we will take care of everything, with significant attention to every detail! We engineer innovative ways to achieve your goals through cost-efficient methods and techniques, without compromising the integrity or impact of the creative experience. We believe collaboration with our clients and preferred vendors is critical to the success of any project. We bring together professionals of distinct disciplines to fulfill the specific needs of each and every meeting and event. Consider us a RESOURCE TANK OF PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS as well as a seasoned INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR/ PROJECT MANAGER on last minute, short-term or long-term projects welcome based upon availability.