All About Charter, Inc. / Pontarelli Companies
  • Over the last 38 years Pontarelli Companies has its finger on the pulse of what our clients want and need from their ground transportation service provider. We strive to consistently provide high quality chauffeured ground transportation and luxury travel services anywhere our clients travel. We ensure superior transportation and travel planning services by listening to our clients' needs. We are staffed our reservations and dispatch departments are staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We offer chauffeur driven Sedans, SUVs, Vans and 25 to 55 passenger coaches. With a history of innovation, Pontarelli Chicago limousine service offers technology that can take you further from the time you make your reservation until the billing is complete. Live Online Web Booking Tool, Apple and Android Apps Hosted on a 128 bit secured server, you can create reservations on-line, change existing reservations, cancel a reservation, view reservations, track vehicle location in real time, get receipts, print a report of open/closed reservations, add passenger profiles and download manifests. Our Apple and Android Apps allow you to have direct access to your reservations. Mobile Reservation App This app will allow you to track your vehicle’s location in real time, view reservations, make reservations, change reservations and cancel reservations with the comfort of knowing your submissions will always be reviewed by our customer service representatives. With Pontarelli Mobile you can see your vehicles GPS location, take advantage of our integrated flight verification, view your chauffeurs picture, let you chauffeur see a picture of you, create email alerts, text alerts and mobile app notifications. Set up user preferences such as preferred vehicle, billing account and reservation instructions that can then be used to dramatically speed up the reservation process. Best of all phone support is available 24/7 iGroup Mobile Device Management App You can utilize iGroup while on-site with your group. iGroup allows you to see all of you reservations in one easy to navigate environment. Live On-Screen Dispatch Our state-of-the-art dispatch system allows us to make changes at a moment's notice while maintaining a history on each and every reservation you make for our Chicago limo service. Chauffeur Direct A service that sends automated email alerts to the client's mobile device via email. Chauffeur Direct can also send status alerts to a traveler's colleagues so they can be reassured when the vehicle is in place, the passenger is in the vehicle and when the passenger has been dropped off. What does "chauffeur direct" consist of? • Automated Alerts - These alerts are helpful when you are managing ground transportation for high profile passengers that require your full attention or just want to get a second confirmation 24 hours prior to your scheduled pickup. These options can easily be activated for you by our reservations staff. Best of all, you can mix and match them so you only get the alerts you want. • 24 Hour Reminder Alert - You will receive an automated emailed message 24 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up time confirming your reservation. • Driver's Name and Cell Number Alert - 20 minutes prior to your pick-up you will get an emailed alert providing you with your chauffeur's name and cell number. • Reservation Status Alerts - On the day of the reservation you will get an emailed alert when your chauffeur has arrived, a second alert when the passenger is in the vehicle and a third alert when the reservation is complete. • A live web mapping link that will enable you to track your vehicles location. Virtual Fleet This tool provides easily accessible information on a vehicle's location, stops, idling patterns and mileage allowing us to view precisely where any given vehicle is located every 2 minutes. It connects directly to the vehicles computer system, should any major component malfunction, operations gets an automated alert allowing us to get another vehicle in place without inconveniencing our client. Vehicle GPS All vehicles are equipped with GPS to help insure your chauffeur has the required tools for you to arrive on time. Commercial and private aviation flight tracking Through the use of a satellite feed we have integrated arrival and departure information for commercial flights and most private aviation into our dispatch screen. When utilizing our Chicago airport shuttle service, these updates enable our dispatchers to adjust schedules with real-time data for timely airport pickup. Pontarelli Shuttle Tracker Let Pontarelli Companies manage your corporate shuttle. We have over 36 years of experience managing executive transportation. Our Shuttle Tracking Option allows you and your riders to see the shuttles GPS location at all time. Global Distribution System (GDS) Travel agencies and corporate travel departments can now use the Saturn GDS booking tool to make use of our Chicago limo rentals reservations via SABRE, WORLDSPAN, APOLLO or E-Travel Global Distribution Systems in less than 30 seconds per reservation. Innovative Billing Options Our invoices can be customized to fit your specific needs. They can be set up individually or as a group which allows you to have different group bills for your sales meetings, board meetings or for a specific department. Other options include: • Reservations are processed overnight with receipts/invoices being emailed or faxed instantaneously • 24 hour web access allows you to view or print receipts/invoices whenever you feel the need • Daily, weekly, bi-monthly as well as monthly billing options • Payment types include credit card, direct billing and ACH • Your company profile ensures that you get the correct pricing every time • Usage reports can be broken down by the individual passenger, department or specific events Back-Up Our facility is equipped with a fully integrated backup power system. File servers are backed-up on site as well as off-site to insure we never lose a reservation. Choosing Chicago limo services Pontarelli assures that you will have the most convenient, comfortable and hassle-free travel experience possible.