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The Boxes Experience

What is Boxed Experience?

An Interactive Theatrical Activation where we immerse you into a new, Transformative Adventure. In this world, you’ll have total control as you investigate and decide the fate of a man being accused of a horrible crime. In each room, you will find clues and evidence that will alter your thoughts on if he’s innocent or guilty. Experience a journey through realism and hyperrealism rooms as we jam pack each room with enough activities to keep you entertained. With Intriguing visuals, mind-bending sensories, and a storyline that will leave you speechless. Our only ask is that you’re prepared for what’s to come.

“Boxed Experience” explores issues of social, criminal justice in an interactive and immersive exhibition

The version of Clue for the 21st Century opens August 14th at the Roosevelt Collection

(CHICAGO) – What would the game Clue look like if it was updated for the 21st Century? Some Chicago creators have reimagined that with their “Boxed Experience,” an interactive mystery that explores issues of social and criminal justice. Using information gleaned from the exhibition, including intriguing visuals and mind-bending sensory clues, visitors will decide the fate of a man charged with a horrible crime. The exhibition will open at the Roosevelt Collection on August 14th, tickets range from $35-$55 dollars.

This one-of-a-kind immersive experience allows visitors to dig deep into social issues and raise their collective consciousness via captivating storylines and themes that incorporate special effects, hyper-realistic settings, y projections, and interactive search and finds. Guests will be right where the action is, interacting with actors who bring the characters to life. No longer on the sidelines the audience unearths the truths that will decide the accused’s fate.

The Boxed Experience was created to break down the barriers between cultures and ethnicities. It shines a light on of-the-moment social justice issues and will leave those who experience it with an appreciation of the differences of people around them.

The creative team was led by Marcus Sumrall, a creator, actor and producer who has written and produced theatrical productions across Illinois. Verónica Rodríguez, the artistic director and co-writer, is a director, writer, performer, actress, and producer. She graduated with a major in Performing Arts from the University of Puerto Rico and holds an MFA in Experience Design from the University of Colorado Boulder. David Christopher “Big” Krause is the set designer and artistic engineer for the “Boxed Experience.” Krause is an educator, designer, and entrepreneur, who has been designing and fabricating for cinema, theater, television, advertising, events and museums. He is an assistant professor of production design in Cinema and Television Arts at Columbia College Chicago.

“For the Boxed Experience” we’ve sought to create an interactive way in which the community can explore some of our city’s most challenging issues around crime, punishment, and social justice in a safe environment that also has elements of fun, says Sumrall. “Our hope is this experience will open minds, shift our conventional ways of thinking about the criminal justice system all while breaking down barriers around racial identity, culture and social issues.”

Boxed Experience will be open at 150 W, Delano Ct., The Roosevelt Collection, Thursday-Sunday. For more information visit website.

About M.R. Events & Consulting LLC

M.R Events & Consulting LLC’s vision aligns education with entertainment. We specialize in productions that immerse our guests into different worlds with each storyline created. Our fabrications will bring the experience to the consumer by allowing them to walk through each storyline as it’s happening. Actors will bring our characters to life all while interacting with the guests. No longer will the audience have to sit while actors perform on a stage or view them on a TV set. We want them right where the action is.


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