Requiem for a Heavyweight
  • Presented By: The Artistic Home
  • Location: The Artistic Home
  • Address: 1376 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60642
  • Dates: 2/13/2019, 2/14/2019, 2/15/2019, 2/16/2019
  • This famous story about a punch-drunk fighter on the fast route to oblivion was first seen as a live TV drama in 1956 before becoming an acclaimed film. First written as a stage play, it was first produced on Broadway in 1985. Mountain McClintock is fighter who doesn't know when to quit. McClintock is a trusting soul, and his innocence proves his ultimate undoing as his conniving manager dresses him as Daniel Boone and enters him as a comic relief on the wrestling circuit. After a drunken rampage upon discovering the manager's treachery, Mountain arrives at a decision that enables him to recover something of his damaged pride and self-respect.

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    Wednesday, February 13 - 8:00PM
    Thursday, February 14 - 8:00PM
    Friday, February 15 - 8:00PM
    Saturday, February 16 - 8:00PM

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Requiem for a Heavyweight
  • Location: The Artistic Home
  • Address: 1376 W Grand Ave
  • 2/13/2019, 2/14/2019, 2/15/2019, 2/16/2019
  • The Artistic Home