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Opening Reception:

Friday, June 16, 5 pm –8 pm

Closing reception with Artist Talks:

Friday, September 1, 5 pm–8 pm


Additional Information:

ALMA Art and Interiors

3636 S. Iron Street

Chicago IL 60609

847 922 5736

224 522 4525


Join us for the opening of “Raw and Fragile,” an exhibition featuring the works of Amanda Gentry and Nathaniel Patschke. The relationship between the artist and their creative work is often fraught with uncertainty, leaving many artists feeling raw and fragile. But therein lies the possibility of growth. In this exhibition, both Gentry and Patschke embark upon new ways of working with raw materials from the natural environment in their approach to painting and the sculptural vessel.


Gentry approaches her process-driven work methodically and meticulously to achieve a meditative state that allows her to shed all but the moment at hand. Imbued with stillness and quietude, Gentry’s paintings elicit a soothing response from the viewer. As a neuro-diverse artist, she pares down visual stimuli, intent on revealing what is essential to achieve breviloquence. Gentry’s work reflects her inner world, and through her telluric palette sourced from the earth itself, she invites the viewer into a renewed connection with the elemental.


Patschke’s ceramic vessels take traditional forms of pottery that have evolved over centuries and transform them by means of unconventional design, exaggerated scale, and experimental surface treatment, without losing sight of their functional roots. His vessels are evocative of subterranean roots, with organic forms that seek transcendence through their connection with the earth. Both Patschke and Gentry’s work create a dialogue that invites the viewer into a renewed connection with the elemental.


The result is an exhibition that speaks to the fragility of the human condition and our need to connect with the natural world. The opening reception on Friday, June 16, 5 pm -8pm, will provide an opportunity to meet the artists and engage with their work. The exhibition will run until Friday, September 1, with a closing reception and artist talks.


Don’t miss the chance to experience “Raw and Fragile” at Alma Art & Interiors. Amanda Gentry and Nathaniel Patschke invite you to transcend the noise of our over-stimulated world and connect with the elemental.


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