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Prolific Lee’s Solo Exhibition

Nostalgic AF

Solo Exhibition by LeDonna (Prolific Lee) Bailey

instagram: @prolific_lee

A collection of paintings plus prints and other items for sale

September 17th 3-7pm – Opening Reception

September 23rd 6:30pm – Artist Talk

October 1st – 3-7pm Closing Reception

About the Artist

LeDonna Bailey (also known as Prolific Lee) is an African American painter from Detroit MI with nearly 20 years of experience in the art world. Currently based in Chicago IL, Lee owns an art and digital media production studio and produces the first and only immersive art show created by a black woman. Lee started developing her skills as an artist in middle school where she first became an art major and continued that journey at the Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts (DSA) and furthered her art education at Grand Valley State University as an art minor while majoring in Biomedical Science and receiving a bachelor of science from her time there. She’s explored mediums such as clay, wood, ink, aerosol, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastel and many others. She currently creates by painting in either acrylic or oil paint and has been a featured artist at Artprize (an international art exhibition) for two consecutive years. Her work has been commissioned and sold all over the country.

Artist Statement

The series was inspired by nostalgia and other emotions while on my journey to create artwork for my first solo exhibit in seven years. I had to reconnect with my inner child, my life’s experiences, and my passion for creating art. I drew from my feelings on being a woman, an artist, black, Nigerian, bisexual, thirty, living life, my existence, the earth, and space. I drew inspiration from art history and a number of amazing artists, many whom I’ve written papers on, read about, watched movies and documentaries about their lives. I even let my past confrontations with grief, anxiety, depression, and anger fuel the series. My work is not just about the subject I paint. It’s about honing my skills and using techniques that make my process more efficient. It’s also about putting in countless hours of practice, choosing concepts that challenge me, colors that inspire emotional responses, subjects that bring me back to self, and telling amazing stories through my artwork piece by piece. I create concepts that are both realistic and abstract, both organic and geometric. Incorporating all these elements, their interaction with color, and my imaginative mind is how each piece comes to life.



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