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Plan B Art Project – Opening Reception

Traveling exhibition featuring 60+ artists in which proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood

About this event

This traveling exhibition will be at Pistachios Jewelry in Downtown Chicago from August 11 – September 18. Opening Reception August 11th, 5p – 8p


“Plan B” is an Art Statement to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood and issues surrounding a person’s right to make decisions for their own body. For this project each artist may choose from a small Amphora bottle, in silver or Bronze each bottle is 1″- 1.5″. The artists may then do whatever they please with the small vessel to re-envision it with their personal voice.. (Think of the bottle as a blank canvas). The vessels will tour several galleries before ending up in Jewelry Week in NYC.

Art has always had an important role in highlighting society’s failings and misgivings; in this project each artist may choose an Amphora bottle to alter, decorate or re-imagine. Bottles may remain ornamental jewelry or be transformed into non-wearable objects of art.

The project will begin in April at the Monique Rancourt Artisan Gallery in Waltham MA with 25 artists and will travel to other galleries across the country such as Ombre Gallery, Pistachios Jewelry, and Ayesha Mayadas Gallery. As bottles are sold, new artist works will be added to the roster.

Why an Amphora Bottle? – Historically speaking, tiny Amphorae were used to contain herbs, medicine, perfumes etc… Throughout history medicinal herbs were often prescribed to induce abortion sometimes with poisonous, sometimes deadly results. Use of this imagery demonstrates the extreme measures tomorrow’s people may have to employ to have control over their reproduction.

With efforts across the country to block access to reproductive healthcare and the Supreme Court poised to chip away at Roe v Wade we are entering a period where a person’s right to a safe and legal abortion is in peril. Sadly, it is low income and vulnerable people who already live on the margins of society who will be most affected by changes to our current abortion laws.

In lieu of the abortion bans swiping across this county, we will be making a monetary donation to support Planned Parenthood’s effort to protect sexual and reproductive rights.

According to the WHO: Restrictive abortion regulation can cause distress and stigma, and risk constituting a violation of human rights of menstruating people including the right to privacy and the right to non-discrimination and equality, while also imposing financial burdens on them. Regulations that force people to travel to attain legal care, or require mandatory counseling or waiting periods, lead to loss of income and other financial costs, and can make abortion inaccessible to people with low resources. (



Debra Adelson | Steve Alexis | Rachel Atherley | Hratch Bababken | Karen Bachman | Boris Bally | BiraBiro | Trecy Bleich | Hannah Blount | Belle Brookes | Shauna Burke | David Butler | Seth Michael Carlson | Shelly Cavanaugh | Liz Clark | Kelly Jean Conroy | Luana Coonen | Umut Demirgüç | Brie Flora | Brice Garret | David Giuletti | Joanna Goldberg | Stefan Gougherty | Jill Baker Gower | Karin Jacobson | Russell Jones | Christy Klug | Shana Kroiz | Maia Leppo | Cindy Liebel | Patricia Madeja | Thomas Mann | Sharon Massey | Michel McNabb | Mimi Mercaldo | Ayala Naphtali | Judi Powers | Rachel Quinn | Monique Rancourt | Meghan Patrice Riley | Melinda Risk | Stacy Rodgers | Emily Rogstad | Marybeth Rozkewicz | Jacqueline Sanchez | Biba Schutz | Julie Shaw | Rebecca Strzelec | Didi Sudyam | Billie Theide | James Thurman | Katja Toporski | Yuri Tozuka | Munya Avigail Upin | Donna Veverka | Maya Rose Weiss | Mallory Weston | Sam Woehman | Laura Wood | Liaung Chen Yu + MORE


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