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Opening Reception: Tanya Gill: Broken Yet Whole

Join us for the opening reception of the newest exhibition, “Broken Yet Whole,” by artist Tanya Gill.

The gesture of repair in art is a powerful and moving metaphor for human healing, both physical and emotional. Broken Yet Whole explores mending and all its implications through broken yet mended objects, darning, and painting. The work speaks to our human optimism and also our failures. A tender attempt to recreate the legs of a broken figurine horse or repair a damaged book demonstrates love and determination. However, in the end, the attempt falls short. Once broken, we/things are never the same. At the same time, becoming broken is inevitable and does not negate wholeness.

The mended objects in Broken Yet Whole come from different sources. Some are from the IMSS’s collection; others are from the artist’s own life, such as Mend (Horses). Others yet have been gifted or loaned to the project through a call for objects, where individuals are invited to contribute loved yet damaged domestic objects.

The core catalyst for the work is Gill’s own health. Gill is a stroke survivor, and her first-hand experience of her brain repairing itself profoundly shifted her artistic practice. Gill’s experience with physical trauma and recovery is by no means unique; it is a part of our collective story. We all experience traumatic events that change our course, demanding that we remake ourselves. Gill is invested in visualizing the complexity of healing and what mending the pieces back together might look like. She strives to create a space where we catch glimpses of our ability to mend, transform, and absorb change.

“Broken Yet Whole” will be on display at IMSS November 10, 2023 – February 11, 2024

This project is partially supported by a CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.


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