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Opening Reception: Jenny Åkerlund: Vitreous bodies

Vitreous Bodies

Artist Jenny Åkerlund

December 1, 2023 – February 25, 2024

Inside the globe through which we experience and interpret our surroundings, the jelly-like mass slowly changes its solidity which gradually leads to visual distortions in the form of shadows. These so-called floaters, visual traces of the aging eye, work as a starting point for the project Vitreous bodies and the exhibition at the International Museum of Surgical Science in which parts of the project are presented.

Vitreous bodies is an ongoing project revolving around the anatomy of the eye and the development of optics, with an emphasis on visual noise and entoptic phenomena. The project is comprised of drawn reproductions of photocopies, printouts and stills from dissection videos, together with glass objects resembling lenses and eye models. The drawings are based on source material collected both online and from ophthalmology literature published mainly in the 18th -19th century.

In the exhibition at the International Museum of Surgical Science, a selection of drawings and objects from the project are displayed both in the contemporary gallery setting and in the optical history room of the museum, in this way creating a dialogue with the permanent collection related to ophthalmology.


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