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Mixtapes to the Moon: How the Cassette Changed the World

Before the podcast and the smartphone, there was the cassette tape and the Walkman — two devices that, although not considered much today, were revolutionary. They were recordable, rewritable, spliceable, compact, mobile. For the first time they allowed you to move through the world and listen to a voice speaking only to you.

On September 30th in Oak Park’s historic Unity Temple, Simon Adler will lead the audience on a journey from personal revelation to the moon landing, exploring how the cassette tape changed how we see ourselves and the world around us. This live storytelling experience blends Radiolab’s signature style with immersive audio, including live sound design by Alex Overington. Come explore how cassette tapes brought us together, pulled us apart, and forever changed how we say those three simple words: ‘I love you.’


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