Lumpy Grits Artistry presents Lysistrata: Afro- Greek Comedy Tour 2018
  • Written by Aristophanes

    Creative and Artistically Directed by

    Kendra Cherie Gray

    Saturday, December 22, 2018

    3:00pm and 8:00pm

    3pm Ticket Prices

    $20 / Student: $15 / Senior: $12

    8pm Ticket Prices

    $25 / Student-$20 / Senior Citizen-$17

    Runtime: 2 hours

    Lumpy Grits Artistry from Shreveport, Louisiana will be coming to Chicago, IL to present Lysistrata, an ancient war comedy that was originally written by Aristophanes in 411 BCE.

    In ancient Greece, Lysistrata, an Athenian woman, gathers the women of various Greek city-states to make an oath of celibacy until the Peloponnesian War is over! Their husbands come home ready to ‘plough’ only to find their wives denying them sex. While the Greek women’s chorus holds the gold in the Acropolis hostage to block funding for this war, the grumpy Greek men’s chorus are try to burn the hags out with their torches! Will the women ever give in to sex instead of accomplishing their ultimate goal for peace?

    Come support this ball-clenching production during the holiday season. LGA have presented their Afro-Greek version of Lysistrata to their local community in Shreveport, New Orleans, Montgomery and other cities in the south. The organization’s aim is to present educational and entertaining performances. They are truly excited about introducing this experimental classic piece of early comedy, culture and politics! Chicago, come and take a break from your Christmas shopping and enjoy this comedy!

    This production is intended for mature audiences 18 and up. Suggestive sexual content and some coarse language.

    Shreveport, Louisiana Performing Artists Include: Caitlin Douglas, Brittainy Pope, Candice Ratliff, Lindamarie Catanese, Anjellica Rogers,Crystal Green, Toitasha Bristo, Richard D. Lee, Will R. James Jr, Basil Ray Green, Christopher Authur Henderson, and Oba Shango.

Lumpy Grits Artistry presents Lysistrata: Afro- Greek Comedy Tour 2018
  • Location: Greenhouse Theater Center
  • Address: 2257 N Lincoln Ave Chicago
  • December 22, 2018
  • Greenhouse Theater Center