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Lecture by Jun Wan: “Intro to Jade” | 万珺: 玉器入门讲座

Jade holds profound significance in Asian culture, symbolizing purity, beauty, and status. Integral to rituals and art, jade’s influence permeates Asian history, embodying spiritual and cultural values and signifying not just wealth but the profound human quest for harmony and balance. This Lecture will discuss the beauty of Jade as an ornament as well as its representation of cultural heritage. Please note that this lecture is in Mandarin.


Time: Feb 24, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Location: Heritage Museum of Asian Art, 3500 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60609, USA

About the Lecture: Jade Series Lesson 1: Intro to Jade (Please note that this lecture is in Mandarin)


  • 玉器入门
  • 玉在世界艺术收藏中的地位
  • 玉在中国文化历史中的特殊地位
  • 玉的起源
  • 什么是玉,玉和宝石的区别
  • 玉质之美:玉料的形成和甄别
  • Intro to Jade
  • Jade’s status in World Art Collections
  • The Special Status of Jade in Chinese Cultural History
  • The Origin of Jade
  • What is Jade, the Difference between Jade and Gemstones
  • The Beauty of Jade: Formation and Selection of Jade Material

About the Instructor:

​万珺毕业於北大地质系岩石矿物专业。在担任嘉德国际拍卖有限公司珠宝部总监职务期间,她创办了国内第一场珠宝翡翠专场拍卖。在那之后,她建立了中国大陆首家专业翡翠俱乐部,长年举办翡翠讲座、课程,并在中央电视台《鉴宝》节目出任鉴定专家。目前,她在芝加哥艺术博物馆(Art Institute of Chicago )担任古玉研究客座顾问一职。

​​Jun Wan graduated from the Department of Geology of Peking University, majoring in Rock and Mineralogy. During her tenure as Director of the Jewellery Department at Guardian International Auction Co. Ltd,  she established the first domestic jewelry and jadeite auction in China. Afterward, she established the first professional jadeite club in mainland China, held jadeite lectures and courses for many years, and served as an appraisal expert on CCTV’s “Treasure Appraisal” program. Currently for the Art Institute of Chicago (Art Institute of Chicago) jade research guest consultant.

Accessibility 详细地点:

亚洲艺术遗产博物馆的入口位于西 35 街。乘坐电梯到三楼,右转可以到达博物馆接待处。无障碍卫生间和标准卫生间位于同一楼层。通过西 35 街可在博物馆旁找到免费停车位。

The Heritage Museum of Asian Art’s Entrance is on West 35th Street. Take the elevator to the third floor and turn right to the Museum Reception Desk. Accessible and standard toilets are located on the same floor. Free parking space is available next to the museum via West 35th Street.


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