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Kioto Aoki – Double Run Eight

Double Run Eight features work from artist Kioto Aoki, and takes its name from a moving image camera from the Rod Slemmons Camera Collection: a Bell & Howell Filmo series 8mm camera. As a double 8 format, the camera runs 16mm size film through one way, exposing one half of the frame on the first pass. The roll is then flipped and run back through again, this time exposing the other half of the frame. The final processed film is split down the center as two images.

The exhibition features a projection that reinterprets the mechanisms of this camera. The film plays with visual collisions and inversions of the resulting four frames, rearranging the image plane with forwards, backwards, and radial motion as the artist’s body activates, holds, and navigates propositions of the analogue image. The original negative projected on the wall will degrade over time, accumulating scratches and dust throughout the duration of the show.

The accompanying gelatin prints are created using another camera from the collection designed to rephotograph 16mm frames onto 120 still photography film. The translation from negative to positive becomes an inherent marker of the analogue process, and the visual and temporal shift of the photographic frame a reminder of the fundamental connection between the still and the moving image.

Double Run Eight is part of an ongoing series of photography exhibitions in Slemmons Gallery in which contemporary photographers use antique cameras from the Rod Slemmons Camera Archive to create new bodies of work. This series is offered in partnership with The Chicago Cluster Project.

For more information and sales inquiries, please email

To RSVP for free the opening reception on September 9, 6 to 9pm in Slemmons Gallery, follow the link below:


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