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Music & Comedy

Joy (Anonymous)

“We want people to be able to realise that the small joys, the ones we may take for granted, are as important (if not more) than the big moments in our lives.

It’s small steps that help tackle big problems and actually help you realise that the big problem wasn’t as big or important as you thought. Musically I want people to feel something when they hear our songs. Doesn’t matter what, just something because that is joy.

It’s truly feeling something and nothing else. The reason why we want Joy Anonymous to have the same inclusive feeling as other anonymous groups is to let people feel like they are part of a community, because we feel that is missing today (particularly in the West). Without community we feel lost and like the world is against us.

But if you start with the small steps of appreciating your feelings, you will always be part of Joy Anonymous. ”

This is an 18+ event

Presented by Chop Shop.


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