Jeronimo Speaks and the Prince of Poetry presents K-LOVE, MOEMENTUM,LYRICAL LIONESS, TEBE ZALANGO, and many more for two epic nights!!
  • Jeronimo Speaks and the Prince of Poetry invite you out for two epic nights of love, life and lyricism. We have gathered some of the greatest Spoken Word Entertainers to ever grace the Chicago Poetry Scene. Featuring the ever powerful and passionate K-LOVE, the testimonial tenacity of MOEMENTUM, the intense stage performance from Poet Laureate LYRICAL LIONESS, the unparalleled word play of JERONIMO SPEAKS, the hard-hitting intellect of MUVA THE CREATOR, the captivating love stanzas of THE PRINCE OF POETRY, the ever-witty and well versed ROBIN BOBO, the dynamic flows of QUES, the multi-talented and world traveled TEBE ZALANGO, and the sultry sounds of MOCHA CHOCOLATE, and to top it all off we present the attention-grabbing and stage commanding presence of hosts, BEN AMMI AND RESTORE, back to back for two nights only. LIMITED SEATING.