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ice age giants

A long, long time ago—2.6 million years to be exact—the Quaternary Ice Age began and continues today. However, it wasn’t until more recently that entire species of enormous animals began to die off around the globe. Even though they are now extinct, guests can experience a time warp like no other and see what it was like to live among these megafauna from April 1 through October 30 at Brookfield Zoo’s temporary exhibit—Ice Age Giants, sponsored by Duly Health and Care.

Throughout the 216-acre park, guests will encounter more than 30 life-sized animatronic re-creations of giants that once roamed North America and Eurasia, including a 15-foot-tall woolly mammoth, an oafish 20-foot-long giant ground sloth, a 12-foot-tall giant bird, a fearsome 5-foot-long saber-toothed cat, and many more. Adding to the lifelike effects, parts of the animals such as the head, eyes, mouth, and tail move, making the experience even more realistic.

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