Dinos & Dragons
  • Dinosaurs are roaring back to life at Brookfield Zoo! Starting May 6, guests of all ages can step back in time and walk amongst these famous historical creatures and their mythical dragon friends at the zoo’s new Dinos & Dragons temporary exhibit.

    The exhibit will feature 17 lifelike animatronic creatures, including a Tyrannosaurus rex and Chinese dragon, alongside engaging signage that explores the myths and legends of these fearless creatures. A dinosaur dissection lab, excavation site and other hands on activities will be onsite; as well as an indoor area where zoogoers can get up-close views of live reptiles, including a 6-foot-long Komodo dragon, seen for the first time at Brookfield Zoo.
Dinos & Dragons
  • Location: Brookfield Zoo/Chicago Zoological Society
  • Address: 31st St. and First Ave.
  • May 6, 2017 - September 17, 2017
  • Brookfield Zoo/Chicago Zoological Society
  • Recurring daily