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Music & Comedy


CRUD COUNTRY is a live comedy show hosted by CRUD featuring standup by Brigid Broderick and Kristi Durkin, Cassidy Kulhanek, and Mo Burns. In Chicago we have opened for national touring acts such as Girl God & Will Sennett, Simple Town, and Reveries, and have guested on a few other local shows as well. We were also behind the viral My Weekend as a 28-year-old Living in Chicago.


CRUD COUNTRY mixes video sketches with live performance and guest stand up acts. Our tone would best be labeled ‘absurdist but grounded’ and most of our sketches include elaborate props and/or bizarre multimedia elements. Past performances have included 15 minutes of choreographed professional wrestling, a hardcore punk set, and a live birth in the middle of an improv show.

CRUD COUNTRY has been called “A mind moistening brain buffet from some of the emptiest heads in the area. Finally! A comedy show made exclusively for idiots, morons, bozos, nitwits, dimwits, and boneheads! Nincompoops rejoice! No more complicated cranium crushing wisecracks or puzzling puns for prodigies. Leave the brainiacs and scholars at the Cerebrum Museum and let the drool flow!”


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