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Children’s Human Rights Talk
Nov 19
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Children’s Human Rights Talk

Children’s human rights in Sweden are integrated into the fabric of Swedish life. From parental leave to public education and health care, children and their well-being are prioritized in Sweden in ways that might seem unusual or different when the rights of children in other countries, like the United States, are considered. In this talk, Dr. Kristin Marie Bivens will discuss children in Sweden from Astrid Lindgren’s pursuit to end the corporal punishment of children and the ban on hitting children in 1979 to the current Swedish government’s attempts to incorporate the articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) into Swedish law by 2020. During this talk, attendees will learn more about attitudes, assumptions, and expectations regarding children in Swedish society.

Sign up: http://swedishamericanmuseum.org/2.0/event/childrens-human-rights-talk-by-kristin-bivens/

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