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NEW Casting Shadows Eventbrite
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Opening Reception

Friday, November 10, 5 pm –9  pm

Closing Date

Friday, March 1, 2024

Join us for ‘Casting Shadows,’ a captivating group exhibition presented in collaboration with Lynn Manilow/LKM Art Consulting and renowned sculptor Terrence Karpowicz. This unique showcase proudly introduces 25 new ALMA artists.

Explore the intricate narratives interwoven into sculpture and two-dimensional art forms. Witness the convergence of materials ranging from steel, fiber, and photography to metalwork, painting, and collage. Each piece thoughtfully curated to evoke cultural depth and complexity.

Immerse yourself in the interplay of light and shadow, as these artworks cast captivating stories that resonate beyond their forms. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to engage with the fascinating world of ‘Casting Shadows.’

Additional Information:

ALMA Art and Interiors

3636 S. Iron Street

Chicago IL 60609

847 922 5736

224 522 4525

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