Boston Baked Queens
  • The friendliest Boston-bred broads you know are titillated to present their first wild ass sketch show. The five female forces of Spliff Improv are doing the absolute most in a show that their landlord is calling “too loud.” Enjoy a TIGHT hour of sketches - chaotically written and meticulously choreographed by a group of roommates who excel in giving tight hugs, yelling much-needed pep talks, and shotgunning beers in their bathtub.

    Spliff is a group of comedic improvisers and roommates who met in Amherst, Massachusetts and fell in love in Chicago, Illinois. Their high-energy hi-jinks is brought to you by Maisy Ann, Ali de R, Emma Symonds, Courtney Tua, and Ally Whitelaw.

Boston Baked Queens
  • Location: Annoyance Theatre & Bar
  • Address: 851 W. Belmont Ave.
  • January 17, 2019 - February 7, 2019
  • Annoyance Theatre & Bar
  • Recurring weekly on Thursday