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When: Tuesday March 19th at 9 pm

Bangtail: Baddest Cowboy Texas. These are just a few words to describe
the Baddest Cowboy in Texas. He roots n’ toots n’ rides from the
highest mountain to the booziest saloon. That’s his God-given purpose.
But what happens when a Badder Cowboy-er Texas-er (AKA his nemesis)
rides into town and steals his title?

Directionless and in search of a new identity, he becomes an
accountant. Specifically, the baddest (best) accountant at an average
mid-sized animal feed manufacturer in rural Minnesota. But when a
rival animal feed company threatens liquidation, which would render
Alan unemployed and again without direction, he must reconcile his
past and present to save the firm.

BANGTAIL shows a man caught between two identities: a Clint Eastwood
cowboy and a middle-America 9-5er. As our hero moves between the two
worlds, exploring the shifting expectations of and for himself, he
seeks to connect with and find his true purpose.

BANGTAIL has played previously at the Bread and Roses Theatre, Pinch
of Vaults, and Leicester Comedy Festival and will go on to play in
NYC, Minnesota, and at Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe.


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