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Ballroom Dance Chicago’s Fall Wine Tasting

Join us on Saturday, October 21, 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm for an evening of elegance, dance, and wine! We’ll begin the night with a lively Foxtrot dance class, then let loose with open dancing throughout the event. As you dance, immerse yourself in a concurrent BYO wine tasting experience, featuring wines exclusively from Spain, Italy, and France. Please note that the wine tasting will conclude promptly at 10 PM, after which we will cast our votes for the favorite wine(s) of the evening.


The evening kicks off with a lively Foxtrot dance class that will have you moving and grooving. Following the class, the floor opens up for dancing to a variety of music genres, including waltz, salsa, swing, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just want to enjoy the rhythm of the night, there’s something for everyone.

Wine Tasting

As you dance, savor a wine tasting experience featuring selections exclusively from Spain, Italy, and France. Use our tasting guides to help you analyze the wines’ appearance, aromas, and flavors, and keep score of each wine you taste to remember your favorites. Don’t hesitate to sniff, taste, and even spit out the wine without swallowing if you’re concerned about alcohol consumption.

Wine Guidelines

– Bring a bottle of wine from Spain, Italy, or France (white, red, orange, rosé, or sparkling) in the $30+ price range. One bottle per attendee or couple.

– The tasting will be conducted blindly, so we kindly ask you to keep your bottle concealed upon check-in.

Prizes and Recognition

Best Bottle Award: Celebrate your exquisite taste! The attendee who brings the bottle voted as the evening’s favorite wine will receive a prize and recognition for their exceptional selection.

Best Wine Taster Award: Show off your wine tasting prowess! The attendee with the most discerning palate and best tasting scores will be recognized and awarded a prize for their extraordinary skills.

Cheese Sharing

Complement your wine with a selection of cheeses. We encourage everyone to bring a cheese or two to share. BDC will provide all necessary accompaniments, including crackers, serving trays, knives, and plates.

Attire: Cocktail Chic

Dress to impress with cocktail attire that exudes elegance and sophistication. We suggest tailored suits or smart blazers paired with dress slacks, or cocktail dresses, sophisticated jumpsuits, or elegant blouses with dressy skirts or pants. Finish your look with tasteful accessories and footwear to match. Let’s embrace the glamor and make it a night to remember!


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