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Anne Hughes – Phenomena

Anne Hughes

The Sacristy Gallery

December 9, 2022 to Jan 21, 2022

Anne Hughes sees each creative journey as an adventure in which she faces the unexpected. With every new work, she finds herself gravitating toward themes relating to nature, the cosmos, science and the vastness of what we know and what we do not know. Color, form and space evolve with abstracted, layered imagery, stimulating a variety of emotional and intellectual responses. Her work ponders the relationships of these elements and the effects they have on us, our perception and experience. By employing composition and space she implies there is more to consider, allowing the images to spill over the edges as a way of furthering this idea. She values exploration and searches for those moments when the parts unite into a wondrous whole; where the push and pull of positive and negative space interchange.

Hughes asks the questions: when will we project the future effects of our actions? What other levels of interconnections exist? And what are we leaving out? In Phenomena, ecosystems of all sorts abound. For every action there is a reaction- it might not be equal, but there is a consequence. With this exhibition, Hughes shares some of her wanderings through the mysteries of life and the magic of the creative experience.

Register below to attend the free opening reception of Phenomena on December 9 at 6 p.m. For more information or for sales inquiries, email us at


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