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Dramatically bringing art to life, this project employs sophisticated tableaux vivants of Greek artwork to propel actors into scenes and monologues from Ancient Greek theatre. Animating artwork and telling the stories of female characters, such as Clytemnestra, Antigone, and Iphigenia, the Women in Theatre ensemble asks how we can challenge our preconceptions of women or of female characters by, quite literally, seeing ourselves in them. This physical embodiment draws on the Ancient Greek concept of “anagnorisis”: the enlightening, revelatory moment of self-recognition. This project unites a passion for both the performing arts and visual fine arts, utilizing the visceral & instantly impactful emotions one feels when looking at a piece of artwork into performance — and vice versa, using one’s experience & process as an actor to better understand figures depicted in art. With a variety of positions for performers and designers, this project hopes to ultimately culminate in collaboration with an art museum or gallery.


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