Although the city is renowned for its deep dish pizza, it is also hailed in general as one of the top culinary destinations for travelers. It's no surprise to us who delight in the abundance of the city's diverse flavors. But in keeping with the theme of melted cheese wonders, we're taking a taste tour beyond tacos and guiding you across the city in search of the perfect quesadilla - Mexican grilled cheese.

Its crispy yet soft exterior of griddle cooked corn masa oozes and spills out long strands of melted Chihuahua or Oaxacan cheese. It's the melty base for aromatic guisados or a variety of fresh picked farmer's market vegetables. Oh, the melty goodness. So, please, don't settle for wimpy flour tortilla wanna-be pizza replicas. Be bold and visit any of the following locations for some authentic quesadilla deliciousness.