The Dinner Party

Here's your exclusive invite to a fab, star-studded dinner party.

The Dinner Party is a monthly show broadcast live on the Sun Times-Splash Section website in front of a live audience. Hosted by Elysabeth Alfano, an arts and culture journalist, former gallery owner and TV and stage producer, this outstanding dinner series promises impromptu performances as well as fun and interesting conversation. Alfano invites three national or Chicago celebs - mostly artists, but also entrepreneurs and inventors - and a well-known chef to join her for dinner.  

"I had a TV show on PBS at the time, 'Fear No ART,' and had been interviewing celebs and artists on and off TV for years," said series founder Alfano. "I realized that many of them didn't know each other. Musicians knew other musicians, for example, but they didn't know any dancers, film directors or chefs. So I threw a dinner party at my house and invited two musicians, a chef, an author, a potter and a neuroscientist, none of whom knew each other.

"The conversations went for hours, the musicians pulled out guitars and sang, the chef regaled us with food and drink, the author and neuroscientist told us insider stories into the publishing and medical worlds. Fascinating! It was impossible to predict the outcome going in, but it was the best and longest dinner party I ever threw. At the end, I said, 'OK! This is my next show!'" 

The next Dinner Party will take place at City Winery on September 23rd. Celebrity columnist Bill Zwecker, famed talk show host Jerry Springer, and Attorney General Lisa Madigan will be holding court. The Opening Act is Q Brothers, a musical duo that somehow manages to rewrite Shakespeare plays into hip hop musical "add-RAP-tations." Chef Bruce Sherman of North Pond Cafe will be preparing some of his signature dishes live, including Smoked Arctic Char Petite Pavé, Cauliflower "Couscous," Romanesco Buds and Rosemary-Pear Cauliflower Veloute as appetizers; Pork Tenderloin Medallion, Andouille Sausage; Mutsu Apple Pudding, Roasted Carrot and Cipollini, Spigariello Greens, Ginger, Beets as the entrees. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.; show starts at 7 p.m.

Can't make the show? Invite your friends over, watch The Dinner Party on The Sun Times- Splash Section website and have a dinner party of your own, while tweeting in your questions or comments during the show.  If your tweet is picked to be incorporated into the show, you will win great prizes like theater and dance tickets, CDs, book T-shirts and more! To watch previous Dinner Parties, click here. 

Buy tix here for the September 23rd show, and learn more about the Dinner Party at

And don't forget to mark your calendars for the future Dinner Parties October 27 and December 1!