It's A Wonderful Pro-Life

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Chicago, every creature was stirring on every stage and studio. The laughter, it hung like stockings, in the air, in hopes that every punchline would be met with uproarious care. The audience was nestled all snug in their seats while visions of cocktails to their lips would soon meet. As they took their place and I, too, took mine, I will now share the Christmas comedies I did find.

It's A Wonderful Pro-Life

Studio BE

It's A Wonderful Pro-Life is the darkest satirical holiday show I've seen so far. However, while this show may not give you the "Whoville" holiday spirit uplift, it does a wonderful job of exploring deeper life themes while still managing to find a happy ending. The storyline is an NPR holiday radio show within the actual 4 Days Late production. The NPR show is recorded in the radio booth and once the cast steps out of the booth, they all snap out of character and play some version of themselves. 

I was curious as to how the show would find a way to tie itself together, but alas, without fail, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" came in for the save. It's A Wonderful Pro-Life is a smart and challenging holiday comedy and I would recommend to get your tickets before the run is over and keep an open mind. 

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It's A Wonderful Pro-Life runs at 8pm every Friday and Saturday until December 28th. For more information on 4 Days Late, follow them on Facebook. 


The Public House Theatre

This Christmas story is one of young lovers. As Kevin and Janie embark on their first Christmas together, we are taken through all the ups and downs of family relationships and traditions. Sometimes it's a little difficult to explain why or how you love certain family members and, at times, it sure takes a gem of a significant other to jump on the family love train. Kevin and Janie bend and twist with siblings and drug addicts, SantaCo and Jerusalem and grandma and Uncle Pat. See Christmix at The Public House Theatre and see for yourself if they make it through the holiday season.

Christmix runs tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm. 

Miracle on Wells Street 

The Second City

Miracle on Wells Street is a fun, snarky, holiday comedy brought to you by The Second City. It's a mix of new and archival sketches and while it's mostly family friendly, there is one specific song referencing, in rather blunt terms, the perfect way a couple would like to spend their Christmas, which I would reccomend young ears to be covered - but it only lasts a few minutes. Some of my favorite moments include Chris Redd delivering audience monologues from extensive online research (it's all legal, don't ask questions, just go see it), Nick Rees improvising as Santa and Kellen Alexander and Chris Redd's gay Olympic figure skating routine. It's actually quite beautiful. Who would have thought? However, my absolute favorite moment was the road trip with the entire cast jamming out to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." I don't want to give away why, but just trust me, it comes up twice and it's hilarious. 

The cast brings to the stage some very memorable moments that you will undoubitably be talking about later. Grab some eggnog and a candy cane and go get your holiday at with Miracle on Wells Street.

Miracle on Wells Street runs until New Year's Eve. Multiple showtimes on mulitple days.