Many famous ghosts call Chicago home, and on Halloween night, you just might spot some spirits floating around at one of the many haunted homes, hidden cemeteries and historical sites. From Graceland Cemetery, the final resting place of many restless Chicagoans, to Lincoln Park's elusive graves, Chicago has many ghoulish stories to tell. Here are three spooktacular ghost tours that promise a night of chills, thrills and fascinating Chicago history.

Historian-Led Cemetery Walking Tours with the Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum offers several historian-guided ghost tours. You'll want to bring your flashlights along for an exclusive after-hours tour of Bohemian National Cemetery with historian Al Walavich, where you'll see some of the city's finest collections of funerary art by moonlight.

Walavich will also lead a tour of Graceland Cemetery, where you'll see the graves of Marshall Field, Louis Sullivan, Potter and Bertha Palmer, and other famous Chicagoans. Historian Pamela Bannos will tell tales of grave robbers and improper burials at Lincoln Park, a.k.a. the Garden of the Dead, during her mystical tour. Click here for more info or to book a tour.


Ghostbusting at the Lincoln Park Zoo Tour 

This fall, guests will have an opportunity to see Lincoln Park Zoo like never before - through the eyes of the undead. Thursdays in October, unoffical ghostbuster Ursula Bielski of Chicago Hauntings will be giving tours of the 150-year-old zoo. Bielski, a paranormal investigator, uses electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and Chicago history to identify and explain some of the eerie sounds and sights at the zoo once the sun goes down. You'll have a chance to hear EVP recordings from around the zoo and learn more about the buried history that surrounds the zoo's animals.

Tours are available Thursdays throughout October (16, 23, and 30) from 8 - 9:30 p.m. Tickets to Lincoln Park Zoo's Ghost Tours are $28 ($24 for members) and are available for purchase at www.lpzoo.org. Due to the nature of the programming, ticket holders must be at least 8-years-old and accompanied by a guardian. Snacks will be available for purchase throughout the evening. For guests who are 21 and older, beer and wine will also be available. For more information about Lincoln Park Zoo's new Ghost Tours and other events, visit www.lpzoo.org/events


Paranormal Chicago with Chicago Hauntings 

Chicago Hauntings offers fully narrated, historically-based ghost and paranormal tours to haunted spots throughout Chicago. This is the Windy City at its eeriest best; you'll visit murder sites, disaster sites, a serial killer's body dump, gang sites, haunted houses, and abandoned graveyards. Tour guests have reported seeing actual ghosts on several occasions. Tours follow a course of history that starts with the very beginnings of Chicago, traveling from its humble origins as a frontier outpost, through the 19th century, including the Great Chicago Fire and its aftermath, into the 20th century and the gangster era of the 1920s and 1930s, and forward to today. For more information, visit chicagohauntings.com.

Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock