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Photo courtesy: Dean LaPraire

Ah, 1977. Back when gas was 63 cents a gallon and the cost of a new home was essentially what a year and a half of college tuition is now: $62,500. It's also the year John Travolta showed us what it takes to be king of the disco floor in the record-breaking film, "Saturday Night Fever."

Leisure suits and affordable gas prices may have gone the way of dodo birds and handwritten letters, but one thing still endures: Goodman Theatre's beloved production of A Christmas Carol, which begins its amazing 35th anniversary production starting November 17 through December 29.

For the past three and a half decades, Charles Dickens' timeless tale of hope and redemption has come to life in an enchanting production that delivers magic and merriment. Over the decades, families have gathered at the Goodman to re-learn the lessons of forgiveness, humanity and joy as part of their holiday traditions -- in fact, I know a woman who's caught the show every year since the mid-80s, with no end in sight.

This year, we get the added bonus of Larry Yando as Scrooge (pictured above). Trust me: there's no better Scrooge than Yando, who's portrayed the bah-humbug banker four previous times at the Goodman.

It's never too early to start a new family holiday tradition with Goodman's A Christmas Carol. Goodman offers a plush production, complete with full-scale houses that roll on and off the stage, sumptuous costumes, flying ghosts and a 10 foot-tall harbinger of doom - enough to scare any old meanie straight!

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