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It's only 33 hours, 29 minutes, and 44 seconds until the weekend--or something like that. October is Chicago Artist Month, so the next 30 days will be what-do-you-think-it-means, existential celebration of culture. It's also election season and the Neo Futurists are getting the partisan party poppin' with the highly anticipated opening of 44 Plays for 44 Presidents. Here's what else we're doing this weekend.  

West Town Art Walk (10/5-10/7)

Local artists, prevailing restaurants and the with-it designers that you should know will all be in Chicago's uber-sublime West Town neighborhood. You know that felt print of dogs playing poker that you have proudly displayed on your mantle? It's time to replace that. Check out all the inspiring exhibtions and, since fashionable/artistic types love to layer, some of the best-dressed people in Chicago at this autumn celebration.

Jim Breuer at UP Comedy Club (10/6-10/7)

Jim Breuer's resume includes a starring role in Half Baked and a recurring character on Saturday Night Live known as Goat Boy. While that work history is often scoffed at by recruiters combing CareerBuilder, it's the type of professional training that promotes laughter. Click here for tickets.

Notre Dame vs. Miami at Soldier Field (10/6)

Notre Dame is in Indiana. The University of Miami is in Florida. But the "U" and the "Domers" are coming to Chicago for a clash of college football magnates at Soldier Field. The ninth ranked Fighting Irish have, so far, looked worthy of their preseason hype, but they'll be tested against the 4-1 Hurricanes. 

The White Panda at House of Blues (10/7)

People love frosting and they adore cookies. For years, the two were mutually exclusive desires until the wizards at Nabisco invented the Oreo. The White Panda is like an Oreo, but, presumably, less delicious with milk. The highly acclaimed mash-up duo combines popular lyricists like Kanye West with the driving beats of bands like M83 in a way that will make you want to update your running playlist.

2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon (10/7)

Cheering is considerably less taxing than running. So if, like me, you waited until this week to get your miles in, you can still sweat a workout by encouraging the race's 50K runners. If you ARE participating, check out this helpful guide to running the Chicago Marathon.

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here.