Weekend Alert - Blog - Chicago Fall

On this day 132 years ago, Pablo Picasso was born. In a rather bizarre happenstance, this weekend marks the end of Chicago Artist Month (CAM). A sign!? A coincidence!? Maybe both? Either way, get out to CAM before if fades into history like analytic cubism. And, after you've gawked at an especially exploratory piece of modern art, hang out with us.

R. Kelly at the Arie Crown Theatre (10/25-10/26) 

The R&B majesty and Chicago native is performing a pair of dates this weekend on the city's South Side. If your trapped in a closet, believe you can fly, and don't see nothin' wrong with a little bump n' grind, it would behoove you to fiesta with Kells

Billy Strayhorn Festival (10/26-10/28) 

Music has a few of those legendary, behind-the-scenes guys who secretly transcend the art--Rick Rubin and Carole King come to mind. As Billie Taurpin was to Elton John, Billy Strayhorn was to Duke Ellington; a little-known composer/song-writer who never got the credit he deserved. Now, Chicago's putting him on with a three-day live music celebration in honor of the gifted musician.  

13 Terrors Presented by the Chicago Park District (10/26-10/28)

If you're looking for a haunted house on the shores of eerie Lake Michigan, go north on Lake Shore Drive until you reach the building with teary-eyed 9-year-olds. I don't know why this is just now popping in my head, but one of my earliest memories is getting scared to tears outside of a haunted house. I didn't even go inside. Some guy in a flannel shirt and a Jason mask gave me all I could handle. I broke down. Anyway, I'm grown up now, so I'll give this one a shot. You should get over your fears, too. Join us

What the Tour Guide Didn't Tell You (Through December) 

What the Tour Guide Didn't Tell You is a sketch-based, irreverent roast of the city we love. It draws on archived material over the last five decades and features some of Chicago's most promising comedic talent. The Second City never disappoint if you're in the mood to laugh.

Chicago International Children's Film Festival (Through November 4) 

I don't have kids--but if I did--I'd be really fed up with watch Shrek 3 for the ninth straight weekend. Take your kids out and get some relief from, like, Dora the Explorer reruns with the Chicago Children's International Film Festival. This event features movies that are critically-acclaimed and a worthwhile experience for all ages. Check out this guide for more information.

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here.