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Tonight, we’ll be at the Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson concert, doing the Thriller dance in an aggressive mosh pit. Halloween’s less than three weeks away and it’s time to get in the spirit! For those of us who are disinclined to head bang, there’s Harvest Days at the Lincoln Park Zoo and Horror Movie Madness at the Logan Theatre. Don’t miss…

Logan Launch Festival (10/12–10/14)

The University of Chicago is opening their new arts center and we’re all invited to celebrate. There’s a lot of “Hey, you have to see Harvard when the leaves change,” and some famous guy once crooned, “I recall Central Park in fall,” but Hyde Park’s a comparable autumn treat. 

Men’s Health Urbanathalon (10/13)

Marathon’s are soooo last weekend. If you went to sweat out your Halloween candy binge, flail your way through this course, which includes: cargo nets, police barricades and a stair climb through Soldier Field. After the race, hang out and have a beer at Men’s Health’s post-race festivities.

Open House Chicago (10/13-10/14)

Chicago’s basically a living architectural revolution, a hodgepodge of postodernist, Art Deco, uber-diverse awesomeness. The renowned Chicago Architecture Foundation invites you to explore our city’s most beautiful nooks and crannies. See spaces that are usually off limits to the public like repurposed mansions, private clubs and hidden rooms. The event is free and requires no reservations.

Music Box of Horrors (10/13-10/14)

It’s not what it sounds like; Music Box of Horrors is a 24-hour horror movie marathon at the Music Box Theatre. Wait--come to think of it--it’s exactly what it sounds like. And if you like getting scared senseless in a dark room, it’s the perfect Halloween weekend activity.

Kellogg’s Tour Gymnastics Champions (10/14)

Remember that little Gabby Douglas? The U.S. women’s gymnast who vaulted into our hearts and totally stuck the landing at this summer’s Olympics? In case you couldn’t make it to London, she’s back in town with the rest of the flippers and tumblers doing stuff that, presumably, you can’t do on a balancing beam. 

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here.