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Happy almost-weekend! Let's talk about artistic expression; it comes in all shapes and sounds, from vocals to instrumentals, performances to theater adaptions. This weekend, you'll find art in some of its finest forms across the city by way of music, dialogue, and even some radio work. Here's your Weekend Alert, Chicago.

Amos Lee Live The Chicago Theater (11/8)

Hey sweet pea, you're the apple of our eye... Does that only work when Amos Lee soulfully croons it? Yeah, we thought so, too. Tomorrow night, you'll get to hear him in all his smoothly soothing glory when he performs at the Chicago Theater, with opening act Kat Emondson, as his major Chicago stop during the Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song Tour!  You may have seen him recently on Letterman or maybe even The Tonight Show, but now you can see him live this Friday on the tour that Entertainment Weekly is calling his soulful, personal best. Get your tickets here.

The Wizard of Oz: The Radio Play (11/8-10)

Wizard of Oz American Theater Company

The Wizard of Oz - you know the story, now come experience it in a whole new way. L. Frank Baum's timeless story of a young girl's journey over the rainbow to discover the beauty of home is now being told as a radio play for the first time in over 60 years. With sound effects, powerful ensemble work, and lively engagement, this celebration of the heartwarming tale will bring you back into the glorious age of radio and reintroduce you to the little kid in you that so loves The Wizard of Oz. Buy tickets here.

Cuatro Festival (11/9) Cuatro Festival

Get ready for a musical Puerto Rican experience that may just have you strumming something other than a ukulele to impress. This weekend's 15th Annual Cuatro Festival is put on by the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance and the Puerto Rican Phillharmonic Orchestra, along with acclaimed composer and cuatrista Quique Domenech, making their Harris Theater debut this year as part of Harris Theaters 10th Season Collaborate, Innovate, and Celebrate. This cuatro instrument we're talking about is the national instrument of Puerto Rico, resembling a small guitar, capable of some beautiful sounds. 

Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series (11/9)

After the series' kick off last week's, it's time you got yourself over to Chicago Dramatists for their weekly Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series. With a suggested donation of $5, you'll be able to check out a staged reading of a "play-in-progress" in which you'll play a part - after each performance, they'll be looking for audience feedback. Each Saturday Series will start at 2 PM, and depending on which weekend you make it there, you might catch a 10-minute workshop, panel discussion, fireside chat with visiting artists, and much more. You can stay up to date on the Chicago Dramatist schedule here.

Loops and Variations Concert (11/10)
Loops Variation

Brought to you by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), this week's Loops and Variation concert is OpenICE: Hughed Tones this Sunday at the Chicago Cultural Center. Acronyms abounding and string sounds soaring, the concert will feature ICE's string instrumens exploring a broad range of sounds, charaters and styles with works including the likes of J.S. Bach, Tom Johnson, Eva-Maria Houben and others. Not only will this 3 PM event make your heart sing, it will also make you wallet happy with an admission price of free for some Grade A Awesome music.