Millennium Park

If you're looking to kick-off the summer with a neighborhood festival or explore the Prairie style brilliance of Frank Lloyd Wright, Chicago is the place to be this weekend. The city has a block party in Lakeview, a film festival downtown and suburban Oak Park is hosting one heck of an architectural tour. Show out, it's time to make weekend plans.

Ganesh vs. the Third Reich at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Ganesh vs. The Third Reich

Nothing says "experimental theater" quite like Ganesh vs. The Third Reich, which centers on an elephant headed deity's attempt to reclaim the swastika (originally a harmless Sanskrit symbol). However, this play is not the bold exposition that you might expect from the plot summary or title. Ganesh doesn't try to shock with Nazi Germany punch lines, it's not that kind of show. And - if nothing else - it's unlike anything even the most ardent of theater goes have seen before.     

Mayfest in Lakeview (May 17-19)

Chicago's festival season doors swing open this weekend at Mayfest, the Lakeview neighborhood's annual block party. There aren't a whole lot of absolute truths in this world, but we can say with unqualified certainty that there will be hot pretzels, beer and live music cover songs. Chicagoans wait with relentless enthusiasm for the opportunity to wear sunscreen, so expect a lot of energy at this one.   

Rodin at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt (May 17-19)

If you're looking for a Lady Gaga music video personified, check out the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg's newest ballet. Rodin is based on the eponymous French sculptor's rocky relationship with Camille Claudel, his mistress and muse. Since our generation's most enduring love story is Chris Brown and Rihanna, we'd be wise to reflect on a classic.

The 39th Annual Wright Plus Architectural Housewalk in Oak Park (May 18)

Frank Lloyd Wright

As someone whose childhood highlights include leaf raking and shopping trips to Target so mom can buy dishwasher detergent in bulk, I only go to the suburbs when I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. Well this weekend I unquestionably must make a trip to Oak Park because the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust is exploring the interiors of nine private homes designed by the 20th century's most influential architect (yeah, I said it). To plan your day, click here. To learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright's works in Chicago, click here.

Asian American Showcase (Through May 30)

The Gene Siskel Film Center presents an art show and film festival featuring works by some of the Asian American community's most accomplished artists. The exhibition runs until May 30 and screenings include the much ballyhooed White Frog, Sunset Stories and When I Walk.

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here.

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