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Whether you're looking for laughs or to meet the brains behind your favorite startup, this edition of the Weekend Alert has you covered. We have a new show from the Second City, a Sunday night concert and... monkeys. Yes, monkeys! If you don't have plans for your weekend in Chicago, kick it with us.

Creative Chicago Expo (3/1-3/2)

Being an artist has never been harder. As a filmmaker, your probing documentary about the Egyptian uprising will never get as many views as YouTube's "Sneezing Baby Panda." But don't let the Internet's silliness deter your art, Creative Chicago Expo is here to help. Designed to connect Chicago's creative community, this two day event includes keynote speakers, nationally recognized vendors and workshops that focus on everything from starting a nonprofit to protecting your intellectual property.

DuSable Day (3/3)

Recognized as the Chicago's first permanent settler, Jean Baptiste Point DuSable squatted on a plot of land near the Chicago River in the late 1700's. Then, he promptly moved to Missouri in 1800. While the cause for his uprooting is unknown, historians have suggested it was either out of spite for the U.S. government (which wanted him to pay for the property he was living on) or his being incensed by the Pottawatomie Indians for not accepting him as their chief #18thCenturyProblems. In any event, the DuSable Museum of African-American History is honoring Chicago's original disgruntled local with a musical tribute. The docket includes multi-instrument composer Douglas Ewart, Renee Baker and the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, so don't miss Sunday night's concert.

The Second City's 101st Revue (Through Fall 2013)

I can personally attest to Second City's 100th Revue, Who Do We Think We Are?, as the best comedy stage show I've ever seen. The 101st Revue premiered February 26 and is so fresh on the scene that it doesn't have a name yet. While the material is all new, you'll recognize some of the faces from the 100th Revue, including cast members Edgar Blackmon, Holly Laurent, and Steve Waltien.

Big Head Todd & the Monsters at House of Blues Chicago (3/2)

My dad's a big fan of Big Head Todd & the Monsters and, while he doesn't know how to text and wears Brooks running shoes, I have to respect the man's taste. Also, "Bittersweet" is one of the best songs ever. So, there's that. I'm predicting a "Boom Boom" opener and a tear-jerking, lighters-in-the-air encore of "Broken Hearted Savior."

Breakfast with the Apes at the Lincoln Park Zoo (3/3)

Disclaimer: Don't try this at home. Eating breakfast alongside wild primates can be bad for your health. But the controlled setting of the Lincoln Park Zoo makes the primitive mix of Denver omelets and silverback gorillas a worthwhile IHOP substitute. Curator Maureen Leahy leads a tour of the exhibit and offers an opportunity to learn more about these tree-dwelling simians.  

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here.

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