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Well, it's the first weekend of 2013. Don't mess it up! If your New Year's Resolution is to enjoy life more, then you should totally kick it with us.

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (1/3-1/13)

The newly redesigned and, might I say, fancy looking Stage 773 is hosting the country's largest sketch festival. Since launching in 2001, SketchFest has become one of Chicago's premier comedy showcases, entertaining more than 10,000 people in 2012.

Chicago Wolves vs. Grand Rapids Griffins (1/4)

With the NHL on a seemingly determined mission to crater its existence, heartbroken hockey fans can take comfort aboard the Chicago Wolves bandwagon. Hockey, no matter the level, offers an artful balance of vicious machismo and graceful ice maneuvers. If there's a void in your life that only hostile men on skates can fill (which, let's be honest, is just about all of us), we'll see you at the AllState Arena.  

Rev 25 Chicago (1/5-1/6)

Revelation Records hosts their version of Lollapalooza lite, only indoors and with a noticeable lack of jean shorts. House of Blues welcomes the Gorilla Biscuits, Texas is the Reason and a number of local bands for this weekend music festival. 

Second City's Guide to Opera (1/5)

Opera is one of Italy's most treasured cultural contributions and, if you're anything like me, it'll knock you out faster than a glass of warm milk and a Dramamine. Chicago's famed comedy theater, Second City, is offering a reprieve for the droves of texting teenagers and beleaguered boyfriends who are dragged to the show under protest. Finally. Hosted by Patrick Stewart and Renee Fleming, this event combines the highbrow fulfillment of libretto with jokes and stuff.

The Field Museum's Extreme Mammals (Through 1/6)

According to scientists, the world was somewhere between Jurassic Park and Middle Earth 50 million years ago. Extreme Mammals features skeletal remains and realistic reconstructions of some of the largest, freakiest and most powerful hair adorned animals in evolutionary history. Run to the museum with the fervor of a Tasmanian wolf because the exhibit - like most of its contents - will be extinct on January 6.

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here.