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This just in: the weekend is coming. Soon. With the holidays behind us and your New Year's resolutions already losing steam, it's time to make party-focused, overly indulgent plans for Saturday. You could go it alone (not recommended), or you could kick it with us (recommended).

Stranger Than Fiction (Through January 31)

As Oscar season approaches, it would behoove you to catch up on the year's top films. When the nominees for "Best Documentary" are announced, have an opinion. The Gene Siskel Film Center is screening some 2012's greatest exploratory motion pictures, including the much hyped Perseverance: The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor and The End of Time.

Matt Braunger at UP Comedy Club (Through 1/12)

It's a homecoming of sorts for the Chicago native and Second City alum. Matt Braunger kicked around on fledgling pilots and MADtv before landing a supporting role on NBC's Up All Night. Totally deserving of his recent success, we're happy to welcome him back to the city.

Chicago Psych Fest IV (1/11-1/12)

At first, I was hesitant to enter the fold at Psych Fest. I like a certain sing-a-long quality to my music and, as emasculating and humiliating as it is to admit, I have Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat" on rotation. For my dignity (or to salvage what remains), I'm going to kick it at The Hideout this weekend for a fringe music fest.  Hopefully the driving sounds of Outer Minds and The Velcro Lewis Group are enough to pull me out of my pop princess phase. Hopefully.

Book of Mormon (Through Summer 2013)

Woe is me. I've never been to a musical. Ever. Like many of my stage averting brethren, I'm losing my m-card to Book of Mormon. The much ballyhooed show was written by the creators of South Park and has a pop culture reach that transcends the traditional theatre scene.

Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns (1/12)

As a Chicago raised child of the ‘90s, I'll forever have a special place in my heart for Bulls vs. Suns. Goran Dragic and Joakim Noah provide a little less star power than Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, but unless you have a time machine to take us back to '93, they're a totally worthwhile sequel.

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