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The Music Box Theatre is hosting a 70mm film festival, the Brookfield Zoo is letting folks in FOR FREE and there are a ton of amazing breweries in Chicago that deserve your attention. So pull up a barstool or order some popcorn, because it's time to make weekend plans.

Music Box Theatre's 70mm Film Festival (Through 2/28)

In the same way that music purists swear by the sounds quality of a record, movie buffs praise the lost art of 70mm film. To counter Hollywood's recent shift to digital projection, the Music Box Theatre is presenting Vertigo, West Side Story, Hamlet and more in the clarity and sound of 70mm. No gimmicks. No Nicolas Cage. Just movies as they were meant to be seen, which is to say, free of 3-D glasses. Thank you.

Gustafer Yellowgold's Show at Schuba's (2/23)

As a single, childless man in mid-20's, I rarely attend concerts that are aimed at young children (Justin Bieber notwithstanding). But Schuba's presentation of the internationally acclaimed Gustafer Yellowgold has my interest piqued. Described by the New York Times as a mix between "Dr. Seuss and Yellow Submarine," this mix of animation, storytelling and music is friendly enough to entertain your toddler and just the right amount of weird to keep you on the edge of your seat, too.

FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo (2/24)

Admission to the zoo is free on Sunday, which is reason enough to check out its lions, penguins and, my personal favorite, JoJo the gorilla. But FREEze Day (Get it? It's a play on words because it's free. NOT A TYPE-O, BRO) offers the opportunity to see a dogsledding demonstration and meet the K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs, which were used as therapy tools in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.

Poutine Fest (2/24)

For years, Canadians have satisfied their after-last-call cravings with a serving of French fries and cheese curds covered in gravy. Now our neighbors to the north are bringing their woefully unhealthy but insatiably delicious late night pastime to the States. Eleven participating restaurants (including The Gage, Publican, The Boarding House and Scofflaw) will compete for the title of "King of Poutine," but, if you're in attendance, you can't really lose.

FELA! (Through 2/23)

This Broadway musical tells the story of Fela Kurti who - by infusing jazz, funk and Africa rhythm - openly confronted Nigeria's oppressive dictatorship. Winner of three Tony Awards, FELA! enjoys a limited run in Chicago, so act fast.

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