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Chicago Restaurant Week begins tomorrow. For the next 10 days, 250 area restaurants will offer limited-time prix fixe menus to the palate pleasing satisfaction of a city that loves its food. The excitement doesn't end once you've polished off a cinnamon donut desert at bellyQ, either. There's a lot to do in Chicago this weekend - so kick it with us.

Chicago Restaurant Week (Through 2/10)

The event soooo grand it deserves two mentions in the Weekend Alert. Chicago Restaurant Week begins tomorrow and if you haven't made your reservations, click here. For the vegetarians and vegans out there, we have this helpful little guide. And if you're looking for some insider perspective from experts, we've got that too.

Four Girls (And a Guy): A One Night Stand with The Second City (Through 3/2)

The women of the The Second City and, as the name would imply, one man take the stage for a hilarious show about "sex and other disasters." See the next generation of comedy superstars before they're jaded and spending too much time with Tracy Morgan.

Moonshine Brewing Company Slider Bowl (2/3)

As Bears fans, Chicagoans don't really have a horse in the race Super Bowl Sunday, but we're definitely looking forward to sliders, chili bowls and cold drinks. Moonshine Brewery Company is offering armchair quarterbacks the opportunity to chomp down on some mini burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. Everyone's a winner.

The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer (2/1-2/2)

Starring John Malkovich, this production tells the true story of serial murderer Jack Unterweger. The story has musical undertones and feature arias by Gluck, Vivaldi, Beethoven and others. Classical music, John Malkovich, and a macabre crime story have our interest piqued.

Randolph Street Market Festival (2/2-2/3)

For February, the Randolph Street Market is taking on a Valentine's Day feel with a "Passions & Vanities" theme. If you're looking for a gift or just short on artisanal crafts and knitted iPhone covers, this place has what you're looking for.   

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