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So, you didn't win the $500M Powerball. It's OK, dude. Life goes on. Take a break from preemptively decorating your vacation home in the South of France and throw out those hackneyed "blueprints" of a luxury yacht you sketched on the back of a pizza box. Your new life begins this weekend in Chicago - with us!

Holiday Magic (Through 12/31 - weekends only)

This is Brookfield Zoo's answer to Lincoln Park's ZooLights, an excuse to don every tree in the park with bulbs and keep the joint open a few more hours. I'm sold. Don't limit your holiday wildlife to polar bears on Coca-Cola commercials or Happy Feet on Blu-ray, check out the real thing and get yourself a Mold-a-Rama.

Moniquilla & The Moon Monster (Through 12/2)

To overcome a fear, you must face it. I'm deathly afraid of moon monsters, always have been. This weekend, I'll grow as a person by checking out this show about a group of friends who try to save a buddy that's been abducted by a crescent dwelling creature. I'm told there's a lot of dancing in this one.

Kreayshawn at the Metro (12/1)

In 2011, Kreayshawn was dubbed the nu-female voice in hip-hop by every rap head with a Tumblr. Then, after the novelty of "Gucci Gucci" wore off, things came undone faster than a mirrored selfie on Lil' Debbie's Instagram. Well Kreay's back (finally) and we'll be bumpin' bumpin' in one big room full of bad (girls) at the Metro.

WinterFest (12/1-12/2)

Roscoe Village is quietly one of Chicago's best neighborhoods for small boutiques and specialty shops. This charming neighborhood is kicking off the holiday season with a weekend tree lighting, nighttime shopping on Saturday, and fun stuff for the kiddies on Sunday.

Bears vs. Seahawks (12/2)

I went to the Bears vs. Seahawks game last year. It was well below freezing, Caleb Hanie completed as many passes to Seattle's secondary as he did his own receivers and the Bears lost by 25 points. Well, this year I'm out for blood. Hey Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, revenge is a dish best served cold and this weekend calls for hailstorm of Brandon Marshall go routes and complex blitz packages. Bring your lunch pail surfer boy.

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here